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  • Bantex, Cohesive Gauze Tape, 2.5 cm x 27.4 m, 12/Package, Item #07799

    • Self-bonding gauze protective tape for medical and industrial use
    • Medical uses: protects cuts, burns, sprains and other injuries, retains dressings and provides support for sprains, weak arches, ankles and wrists
    • Industrial uses: protects fingers and hands from industrial hazards; improves the user’s grip; protects delicate products from finger and hand contaminants
    • Resists perspiration, washing, soaking, bathing and immersion in soapy or detergent solutions; will not loosen, slip or distort when wet
    • Safe for sensitive skin; will not adhere to skin, hair or clothing
    • Porous design permits air circulation
    • Comfortable and wear-resistant
    • Easy and painless to remove

    Price: $26.93


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