Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Kits

  • Canadian Standards Association First Aid Kits meet the minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits.
  • The CSA Standard provides general requirements for workplace first aid kits, specifies a classification system for the kits and sets minimum requirements for the contents based on the classification. It also provides requirements for the selection of kits based on various workplace environments, the containers and the markings of the containers and ongoing kit maintenance.
  • The CSA Standard is “scalable” for improved flexibility in meeting the unique needs of a specific work site, while ensuring minimum requirements are set forth based on the number of workers.

Three main classifications of workplace first aid kits are included:

  • Type 1 – Personal; Type 2 – Basic; Type 3 – Intermediate. Note: The intermediate kit is intended to be utilized in workplaces with a higher risk environment.
  • To allow for organizational variability the Type 2 and Type 3 kits have been further classified into small, medium and large. The sub-classifications of small, medium and large correspond to the number of workers at the worksite per shift ensuring a larger organization has more supplies on hand to satisfy the needs of a larger population.
  • Organizations must conduct a workplace first aid risk assessment to determine the level of first aid services and equipment required in a particular workplace.

The CSA Standard for first aid kits does not include:

 a) requirements for first aid rooms or first aid stations b) requirements for workplace first aid incident reporting and recording, which can be subject to federal, provincial, or territorial legislation or organizational policies; and c) specialized first aid supplies and equipment for particular workplaces (e.g., marine, mining, forestry, transportation, pools, and school buses) where specific legislation could apply; and d) specific requirements for workplace first aid supplies and equipment where the authority having jurisdiction has specific legislation that applies to those specific workplaces.

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