Ontario Mandating Naloxone Kits in High-Risk Workplaces

New measures would improve worker safety and save lives

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is amended to require employers to provide Naloxone kits
and comply with related requirements if the employer becomes aware, or ought reasonably to be
aware, that there may be a risk of a worker having an opioid overdose at a workplace where that
worker performs work for the employer, or where the prescribed circumstances exist.

We distribute a NALOXONE KIT for workplaces to be compliant with the amended
Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Naloxone kits are mountable on the wall or in work vehicles. The construction industry has been
identified by the government as a high-risk setting. The demand for Naloxone kits from this
sector has been steadily increasing since this new legislation was introduced.

See Ontario Government link:


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