School Bus Safety

School buses will be back on the roads in a few weeks.  It’s wise to allow extra time in the morning when travelling to work to allow for slow moving and stopped buses.

It’s critical for the safety of the students that you not pass a stopped school bus with lights flashing and stop sign displayed.  Once stopped, you cannot pass until the stop sign on the side of the bus has been withdrawn, and the red flashing lights are extinguished.

Parents can help to ensure that their children are safe by having them put everything they carry in their backpack, so they don’t drop items.  It’s a good idea for children waiting for their school buses to wear bright colors so that they will be easily seen by drivers.  They should be sure to allow time to arrive at their bus stop before the bus, so that they won’t be rushed and running which is unsafe.  Children should not play on the street while awaiting their school buses.

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