Paid in advance via VISA/MasterCard/American Express/Discover, and PayPal.   Special arrangements can be made for payment by cheque with a purchase order.


Prices appearing in this price list do not include any taxes. Taxes (provincial GST/PST – HST) will be added at the time of invoicing. Customers who claim entitlement to an exemption must ensure that complete, proper and accurate supporting documentation has been provided to First Aid Kit Express in advance, otherwise the customer remains liable for payment.


To ensure accuracy, please include the correct item number, as well as the description. Please note that where there is a discrepancy between the item number and the description, the item number will govern. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide information regarding purchase order numbers, shipping location and transit mode for each order at the time the order is placed. It may not be possible to change, add or delete an item after an order has been placed. If additional items are required, please place a new order.


First Aid Kit Express reserves the right  to change product specifications without notice. First Aid Kit Express does not guarantee that all products listed in this price list and in any catalogues/product reference guides are in stock or available at all times or to all customers.


When placing orders for first aid kits or empty containers with custom imprinting, customers must add the letter “C” after the first aid kit or container item number. Adding the letter “C” will ensure accurate processing of custom imprinted orders. Minimum quantities for the size of container required must be followed. Refer to the custom imprinting specifications for further information. Extended delivery time should be anticipated for all custom or special orders. Custom or special orders cannot be cancelled without prior written permission from First Aid Kit Express.


Although First Aid Kit Express will endeavour to make every effort to meet delivery dates, delivery dates are not guaranteed and therefore First Aid Kit Express will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any delay or any consequence thereof. Customers should anticipate extended delivery time under the following circumstances: if products are subject to special transportation, export or regulatory requirements; if the order is extraordinary in size; if the order is a custom or special order; during holiday seasons; circumstances beyond First Aid Kit Express’ control.


Shipments are sent prepaid and are charged to the customer’s invoice or account unless otherwise specified.

If a customer wishes to select a specific carrier, the shipment will be sent collect. For collect shipments, the account number for the specified carrier must be included with each purchase order. First Aid Kit Express will not be responsible for invalid or incorrect carrier account information. If a customer wishes to pick up an order, sufficient advance notice must be provided to First Aid Kit Express. Any products subject to special transportation requirements will be subject to additional transportation charges. All property becomes the liability of the purchaser upon delivery to the carrier.

damaged in transit are not covered by courier insurance policies.  First Aid Kit Express will not take responsibility for liquids damaged in transit.


Carefully inspect all merchandise immediately upon pick-up/delivery and note, in writing, any damage or discrepancies at the time that the order is signed for. All damaged goods must be reported in writing immediately to the carrier for inspection. All damaged goods must be reported in writing to First Aid Kit Express within three (3) business days. All damaged goods, including original packaging, must be retained by the customer for inspection and/or return to First Aid Kit Express.

In the event of any shortage in delivery, the carrier’s delivery slip must be signed accordingly, indicating the specifics of any shortage. The carrier must be notified of any shortages immediately. First Aid Kit Express must be notified in writing and supplied with appropriate supporting documentation and full particulars of any alleged shortage within three (3) business days of partial receipt of goods.

Claims for non-delivery must be submitted to First Aid Kit Express within five (5) business days from the date of the invoice.

First Aid Kit Express requires customers to make a written report of any damaged goods, shortages or goods lost in transit and to forward said report, along with the packing slip (if available) by facsimile transmission.

Failure to comply fully with these requirements will result in First Aid Kit Express not assuming any liability whatsoever for resultant losses from damage, shortage or loss in transit. Customers shall remain liable for payment in full.


Liquids damaged in transit are not covered by courier insurance policies.  First Aid Kit Express will not take responsibility for liquids damaged in transit.




PLEASE NOTE: **SHIPMENTS WITH LIQUIDS** Liquids damaged in transit are not covered by courier insurance policies. First Aid Kit Express will not take responsibility for liquids damaged in transit.

In all cases where a customer wishes to return goods, the customer must contact First Aid Kit Express for the appropriate Return Form.  Completed forms must be faxed to First Aid Kit Express for review. Requests must include the following: invoice number, item number, description, quantity and the reason for return. A copy of the original invoice on which the goods were purchased and packing slip must accompany the request. Products are only returnable with prior written authorization by First Aid Kit Express and the receipt of a valid authorization number.

In the event of alleged manufacturing defect, or First Aid Kit Express error, the above information must be provided in writing within ten (10) business days of delivery of the merchandise. Products with expiry dates, custom or special orders may not be accepted for return.

Following the receipt of a valid authorization number from First Aid Kit Express, products must be returned within five (5) business days. Each return requires a separate authorization number.

All returns must be freight prepaid by the Sender and shipped back to the supplier of First Aid Kit Express (appropriate shipping address to be provided) with a copy of the return authorization form, invoice and packing slip. The authorization number must be clearly identified on the outside of the parcel. If the error is the fault of First Aid Kit Express, transportation details will accompany the return authorization form.

All returns must be in the original First Aid Kit Express unit of measure and must be in salable condition. All sterile products must be returned by the customer in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging.

Credit (minus any restocking charges and the original outgoing freight charges) will be issued only after the merchandise is received and examined by our Returned Goods and Quality Assurance Departments, and determined to be in salable condition. Until that time, the customer remains liable for payment in full.

In circumstances other than manufacturing defect or First Aid Kit Express error, goods ordered and returned with authorization for credit are subject to the following handling and restocking charges:

– A re-stocking fee of 15% (minimum $15.00) applies to all returned goods

– All returns must be delivered back to the Supplier of First Aid Kit Express (address will be provided) within 30 days of authorization being issued — otherwise return will not be accepted, and a credit will not be issued.

Any items damaged in transit are the responsibility of the Sender and will not be credited.

– Goods ordered and returned after 61 days from date of invoice are non-returnable and the customer shall remain responsible for payment in full.

In circumstances of manufacturing defect or First Aid Kit Express error, goods returned shall not be subject to a handling or a restocking charge provided that the customer has fully complied with all of the terms herein.

First Aid Kit Express will not issue a credit for any of the following reasons:

 Custom or special orders (including; special production, a large quantity);

 Discontinued products;

 Merchandise in damaged or non-salable condition;

 Merchandise not in original, unopened, undamaged packaging;

 Goods purchased through anyone other than First Aid Kit Express;

 Items which are not a standard stock item for First Aid Kit Express;

 Product purchased for stockpiling or pandemic preparedness;

 Product that has been de-faced with labels or other markings;

 Product deemed to have inadequate remaining shelf life;

 Extraordinary quantities in excess of normal First Aid Kit Express stock levels.


If any provision of these terms and conditions is determined to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, such invalidity or unenforceability shall attach only to such provision and all other provisions shall continue in full force and effect.


Failure to comply in full with the terms and conditions herein by First Aid Kit Express shall not relieve the customer of its obligations and responsibilities under these terms and conditions, any additional terms and conditions required by First Aid Kit Express, and the terms and requirements of the purchase agreement.


The applicable law is Ontario.


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All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

All quotations are for immediate acceptance and are subject to withdrawal or revision, without notice. First Aid Kit Express may after acceptance revise quotations in the event of changes outside of its control.

First Aid Kit Express is not responsible for typographical errors.