September 28th is World Rabies Day

September 28th is World Rabies Day. 

Awareness is the best defence against rabies.

Rabies is a deadly disease that is spread by contact with the saliva of an infected warm-blooded animal during handling or when it bites or scratches you. If bitten by an animal, notify your family doctor immediately.

  • Avoid contact with wild animals, stray dogs and cats
  • Keep your pets under control. Don’t let them run free especially at night
  • Don’t touch sick or injured animals because rabies does affect the central nervous system and cause paralysis in an animal
  • Protect your pets and livestock from contact with wildlife
  • With the threat of raccoon rabies, do not attempt to raise orphan raccoons
  • Most importantly, have your dogs and cats & including barn cats, immunized by your veterinarian.

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