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First Aid kits themselves do not have an expiration date or a shelf life. However, certain components within the kits may have expiration dates. For components where there is an expiration date, the date is clearly marked on the unit package following the letters “exp.”

Unitized kits are perfect when organization is important. The components are packaged separately and color-coded, and can be easily inspected at a glance.  Bulk kits provide the best economy, and are convenient for traveling off-site.  Both types of kits’ are available in plastic or metal cases, with bulk also available in a nylon pack.

In addition to our bulk and unitized, plastic and metal kits, we also have first aid stations (shelves & cabinets) for wall hanging, portable soft-sided kits for first responders and general industry, and industry-specific kits.  Many industries have special dangers and needs for which our kits have been designed.

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Our First Aid Kits for Fundraising program is a unique and practical way for non-profit organizations; (i.e.; schools, clubs, sports teams, church groups) to raise funds.  We offer a wide assortment of kits to choose from at special bulk pricing.

It is designed to allow small fundraising groups the freedom of choosing their kit(s) from our wide assortment, and determine their own pricing mark-up.

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It can be viewed by product when MSDS applies, or please inquire.

Many items we distribute individually are also included in our first aid kits. All items are also listed “by category” at the left-hand side of this page.  If you are unsure if we distribute an item, please be sure to contact us directly by email: or toll free: 1-888-987-2326.

Number of Workers

Occupational First Aid Kit

2 to 5 workers

Type A Kit

6 or more workers where the First Aid Attendant requires Basic First Aid

Type B Kit

6 or more workers where the First Aid Attendant requires Standard First Aid

Type C Kit

1 to 3 workers traveling in small vehicles other than automobiles, vans or trucks

Type D Kit

1 worker in a remote workplace and detached from the main group

Type D II Kit

200 or more workers

First Aid Room

Number of Workers

Federal Marine First Aid Kit

2 to 5 workers

Marine Type A Kit

6 to 19 workers

Marine Type B Kit

20 to 49 workers

Marine Type C Kit

50 or more workers

Marine Type D Kit

Remote Workplaces

Marine Type E Kit

Number of Workers

Federal Aviation Kit

1 to 6 workers

Aviation Type A Kit

7 or more workers

Aviation Type B Kit

Regulation first aid kits meet regulations required by the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

  • Regulations change on a continuing basis, for the most current regulations, refer to Canada Labour Code, Part II
  • Requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and are dependent on a number of factors including (but not limited to): • maximum number of employees at the work site (or per shift) • location of the place of employment/industry • type of industry and potential hazards • proximity or travel time to a medical facility
  • Notwithstanding the location of the place of employment/industry, federal regulation workplace first aid kits may be applicable
  • Common federal employers include the following interprovincial and international industries: • banks • railways, highway and air transport • ferries, tunnels, bridges and canals • telephone and telegraph systems • pipelines • radio and television broadcasting and cable systems • shipping and shipping services • employment in the operation of ships, trains and aircraft • licensed grain elevators, and certain feed mills and feed warehouses, flour mills and grain seed clearing plants • federal public service and persons employed by the public service and Crown corporations and agencies • indian reserves • exploration and development of petroleum on lands subject to federal jurisdiction
  • Unit boxes provide quick identification of contents and maintain a neater, more organized kit
  • Canadian Standards Association First Aid Kits meet the minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits.
  • The CSA Standard provides general requirements for workplace first aid kits, specifies a classification system for the kits and sets minimum requirements for the contents based on the classification. It also provides requirements for the selection of kits based on various workplace environments, the containers and the markings of the containers and ongoing kit maintenance.
  • The CSA Standard is “scalable” for improved flexibility in meeting the unique needs of a specific work site, while ensuring minimum requirements are set forth based on the number of workers.

• Three main classifications of workplace first aid kits are included: Type 1 – Personal; Type 2 – Basic; Type 3 – Intermediate. Note: The intermediate kit is intended to be utilized in workplaces with a higher risk environment.

• To allow for organizational variability the Type 2 and Type 3 kits have been further classified into small, medium and large. The sub-classifications of small, medium and large correspond to the number of workers at the worksite per shift ensuring a larger organization has more supplies on hand to satisfy the needs of a larger population.

• Organizations must conduct a workplace first aid risk assessment to determine the level of first aid services and equipment required in a particular workplace. The CSA Standard for first aid kits does not include: a) requirements for first aid rooms or first aid stations b) requirements for workplace first aid incident reporting and recording, which can be subject to federal, provincial, or territorial legislation or organizational policies; and c) specialized first aid supplies and equipment for particular workplaces (e.g., marine, mining, forestry, transportation, pools, and school buses) where specific legislation could apply; and d) specific requirements for workplace first aid supplies and equipment where the authority having jurisdiction has specific legislation that applies to those specific workplaces.

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Modern first aid supplies paired with an innovative App – empowering bystanders to save lives.

  • Interactive Rescue System capable of helping untrained bystanders assess, manage and monitor medical emergencies.
  • Mobilize Rescue Systems App provides “just-in-time” training for responders to ensure high-quality medical care is provided by following the diagnostic and treatment prompts.
  • The App includes interactive instructions to manage medical emergencies such as severe bleeding, unconsciousness, heart attack, cardiac arrest, opiate overdose, breathing emergencies, allergic reactions, choking, seizures , diabetic problems, burns, sprains and fractures, chest trauma, impaled objects, hypothermia and more – all while emergency medical services are en route.
  • Emergency response supplies are conveniently labeled with colour and alphanumeric codes to match the instructions in the Mobilize Rescue Systems App saving valuable time during an emergency.
  • System based on the protocols and best practices of the American Heart Association (AHA), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and the American College of Surgeons
  • Ideal for corporations, educational institutions, oil and gas plants, mining operations, security and law enforcement centres, and outdoor facilities.

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